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Hello and welcome to the LoversJourneyBlog. I read a book in my early 20’s that woke me up and that changed the course of my life. I don’t have the exact words, but the idea was this:

“At the end of life, we don’t look back and rejoice in our possessions, the money we made or the deals we cut, our lives have meaning and we are fulfilled by the love we have known and how we have contributed.”

It is my heart’s desire to support you to make those memories the best ones possible, starting today.

An older couple embrace enjoying emotional intimacy in this new phase of relationships

Here you will find information, ideas, discussions and stories about all things to do with relationships, love and intimacy.

You will find out what’s new from current thought leaders, research and neuroscience as well as age-old tried and true wisdom. And you’ll get practical tips and ideas from a qualified Counselor and Relationship and Dating Coach to apply in your life.

Love is a Journey

Love is, indeed, a journey, with different knowledge and support needed at different times and stages of your life. Life is full of change and so are people. For example, at different times of your life you could be:


-rebuilding your life following divorced

-wondering how to take a new relationship deeper


-navigating changes in your sexual attractions

-coming up against old wounds and patterns

-wanting more emotional intimacy in relationships


-experiencing gender fluidity or changing gender identification

-adjusting to parenthood

-experiencing sexual intimacy issues

-having communication problems

-navigating the social and physical changes of aging…

The list is endless. We are complex. As individuals and as a culture, we are constantly growing and changing. No matter what your age or relationship structure, there will always be new horizons to explore as love deepens and life changes.

At the heart of it, we all desire to love and be loved, to be close to others and to feel safe, valued and respected. Here you will find inspiration, support and understanding for your journey.

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