The Lovers Journey

“Your Lovers Journey starts with the call from within…

You are ready for change, you are ready for love, you have had enough of being alone, you know your relationship could be better, you want to feel more aliveness, joy and intimacy.

…whatever the call is for you, it is always a call to fulfill your potential in Love”

In this 6 week love intensive, available to both singles and couples, you’ll find the support and guidance to clarify what you truly desire, discover what is really stopping you, and make powerful changes to create the life you want.

A beautiful woman leads her partner along the sea shore towards a life of love and intimacy

In 1987, after studying the great myths, Joseph Campbell described ‘The Hero’s Journey’. This story structure is really a deep psychological blueprint for how people change and grow, how we make our dreams come true. It also contains important clues about where we are most likely to get stuck and the kind of support we need.

The Lovers Journey draws on the stages of the Hero’s Journey, as well as wisdom from many other sources including relationship models, neuroscience, mindfulness, communication skills, life coaching and authenticity training.

A loving couple consult a map, they are travelers on the path to greater intimacy.

You will be supported and guided as you explore your inner landscape, have new illuminating insights, gain skills and allies and transform inner shadows. Your reward will be a more whole and loving you, and more connected, fulfilling and intimate relationships with others.

An older couple share a loving embrace
An attractive woman opens her heart to love, celebrating her sensuality in the light of the sun in a field of sunflowers
Two gay men walk hand in hand along a cliff top by the sea

The Lovers Journey 6 week program is currently run in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia. For upcoming dates, to register your interest in an online program, or to work privately with us, please get in touch.