Relationship and Intimacy Counseling, Dating support

“Who can I really talk to?”

At times you need someone outside your social group to talk to. Someone who is not involved. A counselor or coach can be the perfect person.

Individual and Couples counseling and coaching provides support to navigate the complexities of love, relationship and intimacy.

Are you looking for a new relationship? Have you healed the wounds of the past?

At Let Love In, we offer pre-dating and dating support. Discover how magnetic to others you can be when you know your own worth, are facing and releasing the wounds of the past and are authentically yourself. Take the journey to truly open your heart and attract the partner you desire.

Intimacy in a relationship

Perhaps you are in a happy partnership or marriage, yet you sense there are new horizons in your relationship to reach for and explore. How can you continue to grow closer? How can you keep passion alive?

Learning how to deliberately nurture your intimacy while you are happy can avoid the common pitfalls that deteriorate relationships over time. Relationship coaching can help you to nourish, expand and enliven your relationship.

The stages of relationship

Or perhaps you are not happy right now in your relationship. You may be wondering why your partner has changed so much since you first met? Why communication is so difficult? What has happened to your intimacy?

You may even be secretly wondering if you have made a terrible mistake.

There are different stages of relationship and it is very helpful to know what to expect and what will support you in difficult times. Counseling can help you to come out the other side, back to closeness and connection.

is physical intimacy a problem?

Seeking help with issues related to physical intimacy and sexuality can feel very vulnerable and embarrassing. Many people would like help but are unsure where to turn to for support. You don’t have to figure out this very important and complex part of your life all on our own.

Confidential, professional education and support is available.