Communication Skills for Vibrant Relationships

1 Day Workshop

Date and Time: Saturday 14th September 2019, 10am-5pm

Venue: Byron Bay Community Centre, 69 Jonson St, Byron Bay NSW 2481

Cost: Single 220, Couple 390

Learning how to communicate well is the top priority for lasting, loving relationships.”

Have you ever been left wondering how a seemingly simple conversation could go so horribly wrong?

Feel like you’ve stepped on a land mine you had no idea was there?

Or had the feeling that if you just had the right words and knew how to say them you could open up a special moment to a whole new level of depth and intimacy?

A loving couple look into one another's eyes sharing a moment of emotional intimacy

True communication, to ‘commune’ with another, can bring about the most exquisite experience of understanding, connection and union. It is a deep human need we all have.

How you communicate can open another’s heart, or close it. It can create or destroy trust. The quality of your communication can make your partner feel special or worthless, loved and supported or alone.

Communication can also be a battleground of misunderstanding, frustration and hurt. Sadly, much communication is unconscious. When it goes wrong, you often have no idea what happened. Poor communication is one of the most often cited reasons for relationship breakdown.

A couple sit together at a table, emotionally frozen by their poor communication
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Human Communication is Complex!

An older couple talk in the street

Communication is unconsciously filtered through your personal history, early imprinting, family life, culture, belief systems and so on.

Two lizards face one another over a rock, representing the reptilian brain that is easily triggered into survival strategies.

Communication includes not only the words you use, but also your body language, such as facial expressions, tone of voice, eye movements and hand gestures.

An attractive single man looks out across an expansive view, symbolizing his own viewing point

Your Reptilian brain magnifies threat and shuts of access to rational thought and emotional empathy. Effective communication is impossible in this state.

Movies and TV series surround us with examples of communication that are intended as entertainment. It’s sassy, funny, cool and mocking. It teaches you how to make someone winner and someone a loser, how to be top dog. And, not surprisingly, it kills intimacy.

Once you understand and apply the principles of effective communication, the results can seem almost magical.

Modern relationships come with high expectations and a degree of complexity that most people have not been taught the skills for. It is natural that you need guidance and support to create the relational life you desire.

The process will expand your thinking and understanding. You will have many ‘aha!’ moments. It will take practice to apply these new skills and ways of thinking, and you may be temporarily out of your comfort zone. Remember that the solution to a problem rarely lies where you have already looked, so a little journey into the unknown is necessary.

The rewards are many and are different for every individual and couple…Self-confidence, the joy of connection, the relief of feeling understood, knowing how to express yourself while staying connected to and caring for your partner, feeling safe and cherished in your relationship again…such things are truly precious.

An adventurous couple ride bikes in the sunset, holding hands, symbolizing their aliveness, intimacy and connection.

In our Communication Skills for Relationship Workshop, you will unravel the mysteries of effective communication, such as:

-how simple changes in your choice of words take you from accusation and alienation to connection.

-communication when dating

-the importance of clearing up misunderstandings as they occur so they can’t gather momentum

-how to express feelings, even difficult ones

-the importance of healthy boundaries and how to have them

-identify and avoid co-dependent patterns of relating

-use verbal and non-verbal communication to keep the spark alive

-use neuroscience to your advantage and stack the odds in favour of love

-the importance of continuing to express who you really are, how you really feel and what you really want to your partner or spouse

-making time for connection

– how to spot the reptilian brain in action and how to soothe it.

-how to think outside the box and make win-win agreements

-how to have a fight fair

-the best ways to communicate about sex

The workshop is suitable for both couples and single people. The understanding and communication skills gained, while specifically applied to intimate relationship and dating in the workshop context, will be of benefit in all spheres of life, including friendship, family life, work relationships and leadership roles.

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