Level 2 Courses

These programs go into much more detailed exploration of the most common causes of difficulty in the flow of love once people are relating.

All of the courses are profound for both couples and single people. The learning gained in the Communication and Overcoming Codependency courses is relevant and essential in all relating, whether it be with a friend, intimate partner, child or work colleague.

As we are all sexual beings, the sexuality course is also available and beneficial to both couples and single people. Couples will find it useful to look at who they are sexually as individuals as well as in the context of their relationship. For those who are not currently in a sexual relationship, your sexuality is still a vital part of who you are, and addressing sexual issues and learning more about our own unique sexuality can be wonderful to do before entering a relationship so that you come into the union as a whole and empowered person.

Loving Communication Skills


Overcoming Co-dependency