Let Love In for Single People



Let me first say this: being single can be wonderful. Having absolute freedom in one’s life and walking to one’s own tune is an incredibly powerful way to live. For all of us, our primary relationship is with ourselves, and what a deep and fulfilling relationship that is. There have been times in my life when I have consciously chosen to be single because it was exactly right for me at that time.

This course is about letting love flow fully and freely in your life so you feel fulfilled and happy. It will make you healthier too, as research shows. Whether single or in a couple, there will be blocks to love and ways to open up to love.

The question is are you currently single because you want to be…or not?___


Being Single may be 100% right for you at this point in time

If you are single and it is right for you, you may still want to do this course to find out more about yourself at a deeper level, to see where and why you are limiting the flow of love in your life, for example the love of fulfilling a dream or creative expression, or the love shared with friends.


maybe you are single and it doesn’t bother you… too much… because you’ve gotten used to it, and you’ve forgotten how incredible it feels to have a close, vibrant, loving connection with someone. Perhaps you’ve shied away because it feels too vulnerable opening up your heart and body when you’ve been hurt before. Maybe you have felt used or taken for granted in the past, and now it seems safer to just look out for yourself. Or it’s simply too confusing and seems like hard work.

Or,  it may not be right for you but you don’t know what to do about it so you’ve just quietly given up





You may be in a different stage altogether where you know you want a relationship, of some kind, but it just doesn’t seem to work out. You don’t know how to meet someone, when you do you get so nervous or so triggered you mess it up, or you’re not really interested, or the other person isn’t interested, or you always seem to just end up being friends and never lovers or partners…


In the Let Love in for Singles course, we will explore what would truly make you happy at this time, what is getting in the way of you having that, and how to make change on a deep and lasting level. We will look at the importance of your mindset and how to cultivate the feelings and attitude that will bring you what you want. And we will look at what you’re actually doing that may be working against you.

If what you want was where you’ve been looking, you’d have already found it

This is a process of change. Change to how you think, feel and act. To have something new and wonderful happen, it is highly likely you will have to step out of your comfort zone and try some new things, new activities, new attitudes, new ways of understanding life.

There is no one formula for happiness. People want different kinds of relationships. This is not a ‘Find your Mister/Mrs Right’ course… unless that happens to be what you want. This is a ‘Find what you truly desire right now that will allow love to flow in your life’ course.

Our relational needs change over time and over the course of our lives. The Holy Grail of the life-long committed relationship as the only really valid option has created a lot of misery. We are drawn to different relationships out of changing needs. Some of these last a lifetime, and many do not. They are all potentially beneficial and beautiful. The impression given by society that non-permanent relationships are somehow lesser than permanent ones has left many people feeling like failures, second rate somehow.

In this course, I encourage you to give yourself permission to discover what you truly want right now.  For example, perhaps you have been married for most of your life, and are now single. You believe you should want another serious relationship, but what you truly want right now is to explore more casual dating, to take time to learn about who you are and what you actually need and desire in your life now, 20 years later. Or perhaps you always have a girlfriend, and what you actually need now is to put more time into developing your friendships with other men, to rediscover the strength, understanding and support that comes from that kind of connection. Perhaps you have always sought sexual freedom and variety, and now, in your heart you know you are ready for an ongoing committed relationship… The possibilities are endless, we don’t all want the same thing, nor should we.


As well as this and other potent inner work, we will explore how to meet people, the feelings that can arise in this situation that tend to sabotage you and how to deal with them, the power of simply being present and being yourself, the paradox of how having healthy boundaries brings more freedom, body language, flirting, sexuality and lots, lots more.