About the Program

Let Love In is a program designed to transform the hidden patterns that keep you from connecting intimately with others into the kinds of thoughts, feelings and actions that will allow love and connection to flow into your life. This process is relevant if you are single and also if you are in a relationship and would like to better understand yourself, your partner and your relationship dynamics.

It’s really a love intensive that teaches so much about interpersonal relationships. You’ll learn about how to identify and speak about your heart’s desires, how to identify, release and re-write your old scripts and habits. You know, those ones that keep you stuck in feelings and behaviour that just doesn’t make you happy. It teaches about super important concepts like Projection, where your beliefs about other people and experiences with them are actually being heavily coloured by your own perception based on the past, and how this leads to trouble fast.

We’ll look at Neurobiology, that’s how the brain is put together, what the brains of people in love look like and what this can teach us, and how our own hard wiring can trip us in our desire for love.

You will get to do partnered exercises to explore being present, how to stay in touch with your body and your heart when with others, how to respond rather than react, and how to allow yourself to be really seen as yourself.

Important topics such as fears, communication, boundaries and healing old hurts will be addressed, as well as fun stuff like body language, sexuality and flirting. You will also find lots more information and opportunities to learn and explore these topics in our level 2 courses.

The program is taught in a mixed group setting. This is very powerful as it is a safe, supportive and non-confrontational environment in which men and women can really hear, learn from and come to better understand one another.

The Let Love in Courses are run separately for those who are not in committed  relationships and for those who are, as some of the needs and issues are different. If you are in a committed relationship, it’s wonderful to attend with your partner so you can learn and have those ‘aha’ moments together, and share a common new language. However, if you need to attend alone, that’s fine too, you will still learn plenty of very useful information and skills.

Let Love in for Single People

Let Love in for those in Committed Relationships