Love is everywhere…

Love is all around us. Attraction between people is the most natural force in the world… so why are so many of us struggling to meet and connect in the way we desire? And what are the relationship skills we need for happy, vibrant relationships in which we are truly ourselves?

 your Personal Journey of Exploration

Whether you’re in an intimate relationship or would like to be, whether you’re wanting friendship or harmony in your family, you always have the power to invite love, intimacy and connection into your life, or to push it away.

Understand relationships with Let Love In’s programs, workshops and individual counseling and coaching.

Develop confidence and openness to love and connection. Heal the wounds of the past, feel attractive and know your own value. Learn the relationship skills that bring intimacy and joy.  

The Let Love In Vision

At Let Love In we know that the quality of relationships affects every area of your life.

Our mission is to support you to fulfill your natural desire for genuine, harmonious, loving relationships. We provide the tools and support needed to do the inner work to open your heart to love, and to understand and successfully navigate the changing needs through all the stages of dating and relationships.

Let Love In promotes intimacy and a sex positive culture through being a trusted source of quality information, education and programs. We envision a world where deep connection and belonging are a reality for everyone, with safety and respect for people of all ages, genders and relationship structures.

Meet Martina:

Image of Martina Duel, relationship and intimacy Counselor and workshop presenter Byron Bay

Martina Duel Dip Couns, BScPT is the creator and facilitator of Let Love In, Programs, Workshops and Private Sessions.

Martina is a passionate promoter of loving, connected relationships.

A teacher of real-life love skills that work.

Martina Duel Dip Couns. BScPT is a qualified Counselor with a life-long curiosity and passion for understanding and healing the wounds between the sexes and the movement towards relationships that fulfill their joyous creative potential.

Martina has been facilitating women’s and mixed gender workshops and groups in the Byron Bay area since 2004. She delivers refreshing new points of view, based on research and lived experience. Complex information is presented with depth and humour, and made easily applicable to life.

As a Counselor, she has a true gift of clarity, the ability to see into the heart of a situation, ask the right questions and gently support clients to discover their solutions.

Martina has been working with health and well-being for 30 years, originally as a Physiotherapist, and later as a Counselor and workshop facilitator.

As a Mother of three grown children, a former Buddhist practitioner, now involved in Shamanic studies, a Physiotherapist and Counselor, Martina brings a rare degree of compassion, integration and insight into her work.