Healing Wounds with the Opposite Sex

A One-Day Workshop, Sunday 2nd December, 10am-4pm, Byron Bayleaving the past behind-unsplash


Are you wanting deeper levels of connection and intimacy in your life? For many of us, old thoughts, feelings and conditioning are stopping us from having the quality of relationships we desire. This workshop offers an opportunity to gain greater insight into the opposite sex, into how you  relate to them and why.

Do you ever wonder why you keep running into the same blocks and patterns in your relationships? Why you keep dating ‘the same’ person over and over again in different forms? Or why it is hard to find a relationship at all? Many relationship theories support the view that it is our unresolved thoughts and feelings in relation to the opposite sex which we are subconsciously seeking to resolve, that compel us time and again into relationships that do not give us what we desire.

In this workshop I seek to help you discover the invisible filters you are seeing the opposite sex through that are perpetuating these unhelpful patterns, and to create lasting change.

The day will include discussion and exploration about where our beliefs, blocks and wounds came from, on both a personal and societal level, our vision for how we would prefer our relationships with the opposite sex to be, deep hearing and listening to one another, and processes to facilitate release of the old stories and stepping into more balanced, joyous and powerful ways of thinking and relating.

You will love this workshop if you are wanting to understand your interactions with the opposite sex better and have more harmonious relationships, either in your intimate life, with friends, family or work colleagues.


Early bird tickets available until Friday 23rd November: $110

Full Fee: $140

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information or you can Book Here