Beginners Tantra Education and Practice Evenings for 40-65yo


Open to couples and single people.

These evenings provide teachings on tantra and conscious sexuality, and the opportunity to practice simple exercises in a safe, supportive environment.

The evenings are specifically designed for people in the 40-65 year age range, who would like to learn skills to enhance intimacy and sexuality and who would enjoy learning with people close to their own age.

The evenings are safe, playful and educational.

Tantra emphasizes relaxation, enjoyment, connection. Tantra is about truly honouring yourself, others and the whole of life. It is both respectful and wild.

Tantra is about the movement of energy through breath, sound, movement.

It is beautiful. It is healing. It can bring you back home to yourself and the other, with simplicity, pleasure and passion, increasing confidence and vitality.


The Greater Truth

Tantra is an ancient spiritual practice on the path to Enlightenment. It is deeply purifying.

The wonderful benefits mentioned above are, in fact, fortunate side effects. The greater truth is that as you learn to relax, connect and expand the natural flow through the energy centres in your body, Tantric practice can open you to total Oneness.

These expansive, ecstatic states, experienced through the merging of energies in Divine Union with another, are profoundly Spiritual. They are glimpses of your True Eternal Nature, and the Nature of all things.





Why the Age limits?

In our current culture, sexuality is artificially seen as the domain of young people. Yet we all know that sexual desire continues throughout life. In fact, many people over the age of 40 are experiencing profound sexual awakening, as we become more comfortable with ourselves and our desires. There is also, at times, a re-emergence of sexuality as child-rearing demands reduce and we have more time to devote to ourselves and our relationships.

Yet seeking out guidance and broadening our sexual knowledge and experience can be intimidating, whether we are single or partnered, and even more-so in groups of mixed ages. While having a variety of ages present can, in fact, be a beautiful and healing thing, reminding us of the universal normality of sex, sometimes it is just not comfortable to do exercises with people who are our parents’ age, or our children’s age, for that matter. One of the fears I hear most often from both men and women wanting  sexual education  is “Do you think I’ll be much older than everyone else there?”

Due to our conditioning, and society’s false ideas about sex, rather than becoming more deeply ecstatic and empowered as we gain experience, we can become more insecure about our sexuality and desirability as we get older. Many of us are now single in our older years and we fear being in competition with younger people or being humiliated if we allow our sexuality to be expressed. We can fall into feeling desperate to look younger than we are, rather than accepting our increased age and wisdom.

These evenings are a place to respect and celebrate your beauty and your sexuality at the age you are and in the body you are in. They are safe, fun, respectful and highly educational. I aim for balanced numbers of men and women.

Please note: there is no nudity involved and All exercises are optional and participation is to your personal level of comfort

Upcoming Dates:

The following Thursdays, 6-8.30pm, 14th March, 4th April, 16th May

Venue: Temple Byron, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

Price: AUD$40 pre-purchased (pre-purchase sales end on the morning of the event or when sold out) or AUD$50 on the night (if places are available).

Pre-purchase is recommended to ensure your place.

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