Singles Only Beginners Tantra Education and Practice Evenings

‘Where can I meet other single people who I have something in common with?’

This is something I often hear people asking. If you are interested in a more conscious lifestyle and would like to meet like-minded people in a safe, facilitated environment that supports relaxation, authenticity, deep connection and fun, this evening could be for you. 

The evening will include some spoken teachings, brief sharing circles, and movement and breath practices, optional beginners level partner practices as well as some opportunities to socialise and meet others.

The exercises you will do support you to become present and relaxed, deeply connected to yourself, allowing you to express yourself authentically. They will also support greater physical presence and enhanced sensitivity and energy flow. 

You will learn about the importance of and how to honour your own and others’ boundaries.

Learning and practicing these ideas and techniques can deepen your connection to yourself, your level of self-acceptance and your authenticity. Being truly present with yourself, present in your body, having greater harmony within, is a wonderful and essential foundation for relationships with others. It is my hope that these evenings will help to bring more love, vibrancy and connection into your life and your relationships. I hope to see you there if you are single, and please feel free to pass this on to your single friends.

All exercises are done fully clothed. Please note that while every attempt is made to achieve gender balance, due to late cancellations and signups, this cannot be guaranteed. 

Upcoming Dates: The following Fridays, 6-9pm: 22nd Feb, 29th March, 31st May

Venue: Living Yoga Sanga, Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia

Price: AUD$40 pre-purchased (pre-purchase sales end on the morning of the event or when sold out) or AUD$50 on the night (if places are available).

Pre-purchase is recommended to ensure your place.

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