A loving couple sit in a woven tree swing, romantic and magical

Create your 2020 Relationship Vision-for Couples and Singles

Why now is the ideal time. Plus 3 Love Hacks so your vision creates magic straight away. You know what your ideal life and relationship looks and feels like. You know what you would be doing and not doing. You even know how it tastes and smells. Your heart’s desires whisper to you whether you … Continue reading Create your 2020 Relationship Vision-for Couples and Singles

Want Lasting Love?

Follow these Top 5 Communication tips to create the relationship you want. The quality of your communication will be the make or break of your relationship. How you communicate will either create trust and intimacy, or sabotage it. Your words can open another’s heart, or close it. Apply these 5 tips to bring connection, intimacy … Continue reading Want Lasting Love?

Welcome to the LoversJourneyBlog

Hello and welcome to the LoversJourneyBlog. I read a book in my early 20's that woke me up and that changed the course of my life. I don’t have the exact words, but the idea was this: "At the end of life, we don’t look back and rejoice in our possessions, the money we made or … Continue reading Welcome to the LoversJourneyBlog