A Rich Personal Journey

Cropped head shot Martina

The six session foundational Let Love In program, and other programs offered here, come out of both my professional training and experience and my total and unrelenting fascination with people.

I have worked as a Physiotherapist most of my life, and it is very fulfilling to help people on a physical level, however, I have always wanted to know what is important to our well being on all levels. What really makes us tick? What makes us thrive?

I noticed very early in life, and, of course, experienced for myself, that the quality of our relationships has a profound influence on well-being. I became particularly interested in human relationships of all kinds exploring this through my own family, through education about raising children, healthy bonding and the stages of human development, through Non-violent Communication (NVC), trauma theory, authentic movement, yoga, sacred dance,  the perspectives and wisdom of various spiritual traditions, participation in and leading of women’s well-being groups and workshops, spiritual sexuality teachings from several traditions and eventually a diploma in counseling… I told you I was fascinated with people!

The fact has always been, and remains, that we are social animals, innately wired to form bonds with one another, intimately, as families, as social groups, as teams, to express creativity… the types of bonds we form and activities we do together are endless. The worst form of punishment we have available remains solitary confinement. We need one another, and yet our relationships bring out both the best and the worst in us.

As I studied in so many arenas, I found a wealth of wisdom which I have applied in my life, in my family, my friendships and with clients and students. It became very clear to me that I wanted to work with people in a more holistic way than the purely physical world of physiotherapy, and I have for decades now been exploring ways to do this. The workshops, groups and individual coaching sessions I teach draw from all of these sources and more as well as from my own life and intuitive knowledge. I am very happy to be sharing what I have learned, and continue to learn daily, with you.

My mission is to promote healing and understanding in relationships of all kinds. It is to heal the artificial divides between our heads, our hearts, our bodies, our spirituality and our sexuality. It is to promote authenticity, health and happiness in the lives of as many people as possible. And it is to restore the wisdom of body knowing, heart wisdom and intuition to their rightful place as valid and valuable forms of knowledge.