You can experience joyous, fulfilling relationships

A happy loving couple embrace forehead to forehead enjoying emotional  intimacy and physical touch

We love to love

Your brain and body are hard-wired for physical and emotional intimacy.

We do better together, feel happier, more fulfilled and even live longer.

Two lesbian, same sex attracted people, share an intimate moment of love and heart connection over a cup of coffee

In every stage of relationship you have the choice to

Let Love In and Be Loving

Or Not.

Know how to express yourself, value yourself and be authentic in your relationships. Understand how to find and nurture a relationship, how to keep increasing the flow of love and intimacy.

How to enjoy lasting emotional and physical intimacy through all the stages of relationship.

Intimate and Alive

Enjoy satisfying intimacy in all aspects of your relationship: emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Our specialized programs and counseling for physical intimacy invite you back to your bodies, back to connection and back to vibrant, loving sexuality.

How to rebuild trust in love. A lonely man sits feeling isolated and alone. He is shut off from the world, wants to rebuild confidence

Sometimes life gets us down. You get hurt, lose confidence, shut down. You stop trusting yourself and other people.

Rebuild Trust and Heal the Wounds of the Past

These wounds can be healed with understanding and skilled support, you can open to love and connection again.

A couple trying to connect. How do I meet someone? How do I connect with others? What is intimacy? They look for answers to these questions.

Sometimes we just don’t know how.

How do I meet someone? How do I start a conversation? How can I truly connect? How can I nurture my love and commitment? How can we stay close? How do we handle conflict?

Relationships require skill. Maybe you didn’t learn these skills growing up but you can still learn them now.