The Lovers Journey to Intimacy, Vitality and Connection

5 Week Program-attend any single session or all 5

An exciting journey of expansion, healing and connection.

This new program applies ancient Tantric principles of Breath, Sound and Movement along with contemporary Positive Relationship Psychology and Mindfulness, to create an atmosphere of openness, compassion and safety.

Within this space you can learn to connect more deeply with yourself and others, open your heart, release old blocks and boost your energy, vitality and confidence.

  • Gain deep self-understanding, growth and healing
  • Release old blocks and patterns
  • Take relationships to new levels of trust, depth and passion

All exercises can be done either solo or with a partner, are fully clothed and are powerful for adults of all ages, genders and relationship types.

Dates and Times:

Wednesday Evenings, 6-8.30pm Jan 29th, Feb 5th, Feb 12th, Feb 19th, Feb 26th

Venue: Temple Byron, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

Price: AU$49 per session or $199 for all 5, Booking is required.

Martina created a very loving, safe space. The processes we did were powerful and I was able to connect to myself very deeply.  By the end of the evening I felt so much energy moving through me!

Thanks Martina.”

Tahnee W.

The Program

The program is designed to build knowledge and deepen experience over the 5 weeks. You will gain the most benefit if you attend all 5. However, you can also choose to attend any individual session.

A woman uses her breath to relax and open her heart

Week 1: Deepening Presence and Connection Presence gives you the power to live in the moment, to feel and genuinely connect, it is palpable and magnetic. In this session your will learn to increase presence with yourself and others, and a powerful honouring practice to immediately create safety and deep connection.

Week 2: The Power of Breath and Sound Discover the power of Breath and freeing your authentic sound and voice. These techniques soothe the nervous system, release toxicity and fan your inner fire for whole bodied vitality and passion.

Week 3: Embodiment and Energy Flow Experience profound connection to your natural body presence, power and wisdom. Enliven and heal your body, flooding energy and life force through every cell.

Week 4: Your Active and Receptive Principles You both give and receive, in your dance with yourself, life and others. Understanding these principles allows you to deliberately create polarity, taking you from the zone of neutrality to ecstasy.

Week 5: Journey through the Chakras Your energy centres contain keys to every aspect of life and the Divine. Celebrate in this expansive dance journey through your Chakras to release blocks and discover the gifts and blessings you already carry within.

Having attended both level one and two Let Love In events, I have found them to be of great value in providing opportunities to deepen my personal practice of consciously exploring intimate relating. This then supports the way I connect with others in my daily life.”

Geoffrey H.

Please Note: A Level 2 course will be held in April/May 2020 open only to those who have attended this program. For more information about the level 2 course please Contact Us.


Can I attend on my own? Yes! All exercises can be done either on your own, with a partner you attend with or with a partner you choose to work with on the night.

Am I too old or too young? No! As long as you are an adult, ie 18 years or over, you are welcome to attend. The teachings and exercises presented are relevant to all ages.

Are these teachings for me if I am same-sex attracted and regardless of my gender identification? Yes! Sex-attraction and gender are not relevant to these teachings and do not affect the power of the practices.

The presenter

Image of Martina Duel, relationship and intimacy Counselor and workshop presenter Byron Bay

“Martina is a passionate promoter of loving, connected relationships. A teacher of real-life love skills that work”

Martina Duel Dip Couns, BScPT is the creator and facilitator of Let Love In, Programs, Workshops and Private Sessions. She is a qualified Counselor with a life-long curiosity and passion for understanding and healing the wounds between the sexes and supporting relationships that fulfill their joyous creative potential.

Since 2004 Martina has been facilitating women’s and mixed gender workshops and groups in the Byron Bay area.

Martina is a Mother of three grown children, a former Buddhist practitioner, now involved in Shamanic studies, she brings much life experience and a rare degree of compassion, integration and insight into her work.

More Info…

Please note ‘The Lovers Journey’ is under TM, all rights reserved.

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