Love is everywhere…

Love is all around us. Attraction between people is the most natural force in the world… so why are so many of us struggling to meet and connect in the way we desire? And what are the relationship skills we need for happy, healthy relationships where we can truly be ourselves?

 A Personal Journey of Exploration

Would you like to have more love in your life? Whether you’d like more romantic love, friendship, self-love or improved harmony within your family, there are some ways of thinking, feeling and behaving that let love into your life, and some that don’t.

At Let Love In, I run programs, events and individual counseling and coaching, to help you live a more happy, loving life. The programs target key areas where love can get stuck and therefore have powerful potential for rapid change in your life.

Courses offered include the Let Love In for Singles and Let Love In for Couples programs, as well as courses on Vibrant Sexuality, Loving Communication, and Overcoming Co-dependence and Conscious Sexuality education  evenings.

Private counseling for couples and singles in the areas of love, intimacy, communication and sexuality are available.